Marvel Hair Cream

• Marvelous formula of concentrated herbal extracts contains the most helpful ingredients to strengthen & revitalize hair & scalp.                                         
• It contains Essential fatty acids & Pro-vitamin B5 that restore & improve hair elasticity & flexibility.
• MARVEL Cream highly recommended for use as an after-bath Hair Nourishing Cream for all hair types.


Product Ingredients:
Marvel Cream is rich in hair Nutrients, Vitamin E, Panthenol & Many other ingredients needed for hair nourishment & vitality.
How to Use:
Apply Marvel Cream to scalp & especially at the roots, massage it on the whole scalp for 2-4 minutes, once or twice daily.
For best results a cream bath should be done once or twice / week.
Marvel Cream should be used for at least 2-4 months.
A Tube of 100 gm content


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