Scaro spray depend on collusion, moisturization and collagen normalization.
Scaro spray is the first brand in Egypt as a spray form to offer more convenience to patient during use.
Scaro sheet is a topical pure medical grade silicone thick batch used for management

of hypertrophic scars & keloids associated with symptoms that result from any surgical

or cosmetic procedure in abdomen& invisible areas such as abdominoplasty,

mammoplasty and C-section.
They result also from excessive production of collagen or decreased collagenase activity.
Silicone form is the 1st line and gold standard in scar management according to European journal of dermatology.
Scaro sheet depends on occlusion, moisturization, collagen normalization and fibroblast modulation.


100% pure medical grade silicone with plastic protective film

How to use:

“Apply Scaro sheet daily from 4 hours to 12 hours per day for 3 months for optimal result after complete healing.

Proper cleaning and storage of the device will increase its shelf-life.
Avoid using creams or any other ointment in order to avoid lack of adherence.


1 sheet 20*5 cm