Topigent Cleansing Foam a facial cleanser with innovative technology and comprehensive range that addresses acne / acne prone skin and sensitive skin.

Topigent Sebum :  for acne and acne prone skin Contains a foaming silicon brush that ensure proper cleansing, gentle exfoliation and well distributed foam across the skin.
Topigent Sensitive:  for sensitive skin

For deep cleansing of Acne (comedonal – inflammatory acne acneprone skin Topigent Sebum.

A deep cleansing for Acne (comedonal –inflammatory acne prone skin.
Topigent Delicate: for a daily routine cleansing to sensitive skin.


Topigent Sebum:

Foam boosters: Decyl Glucoside – Propyl Betaine for deep cleansing

Exfoliants: Salycilic acid and Glycolic acid for removing dead cells and opening clogged pores

Aloe vera: to control sebum secretion

Topigent Delicate:

Foam boosters: Decyl Glucoside

Honey: to moisturize and nurture the skin

Green Tea: as an Antioxidant to protect the skin from UV harmful rays and keeps it young.

How to use:  
Topigent Sebum:
One press (1.5 ml / press) to lather on face or skin.

Gently circular massage using the foaming brush for one min twice daily then wash  Topigent Delicate .
One press (1.5 ml / press) to lather on face or skin.

Gently circular massage for one minute then washes twice daily

Sebum: 150 ML with an Inert Silicone Brush
Delicate: 150 ML


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