Tritect 3 Soap

• Medicated Soap contains blend of antiseptic compounds that clean skin and helps in eliminating bacteria, fungi & unpleasant body odors.

• TRITECT ANTISEPTIC Soap is advised to be used in:
             • All dermatological cases requiring the use of antiseptic soap
             • Cleansing, moisturizing soap for all skin types


Product Ingredients:

• Tea Tree Oil  
• Thyme Oil
• Pine Oil
• Boric Acid
• Salicylic Acid
• Clove Oil
• Lavender Oil
• Lemon Oil
• Zinc oxide
• Glycerin
• Coconut & Palm Soap Base 
How to Use:

Lather Tritect 3 Soap on face or skin, leave it for one minute then rinse with warm water
Tritect 3 Soap is highly recommended for daily & continuous skin protection
For best results Tritect 3 Soap is used (2-3) times daily


A box contains one bar of 100gm


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